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Shiny Red Firetrukk Robot Guy!!!
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Sentinel Pwnage : SAFETY TEST by RazzieMbessai
Sentinel Pwnage : SAFETY TEST
The best thing is, this silly drawing is actually true because the Sentinel Prime firetrukk went back to Rosenbauer after filming Dark of the Moon... so when they do the famous "Let's see who comes back with more than 85% of their pieces" obstacle course the same one keeps turning into a robot and uploading!! :pointandlaugh:

took me forever to draw this stupid thing because SENTINELS FACE and i cant see the cintiq properly with tears all over it
Dragon Nightmares by RazzieMbessai
Dragon Nightmares
Requested by :iconiceoffire:
This is two dragon characters from the Yu Gi Oh game series - Stardust the blue dragon and Black Rose the red dragon :nod:

Poor Stardust is having nightmares from all those scary noises, so Black Rose is giving him nose-bumps to try and wake him up :heart:
Oki and Amaterasu fight over their goodies by RazzieMbessai
Oki and Amaterasu fight over their goodies
Requested by :iconkyuubi61:
Amaterasu (the white wolf) and Oki (the red'n'blue wolf) are from the video game "Okami". As you can see they had a fight over that bag of goodies... but there's only one victor! :#1:

It was awesome fun colouring in all that fur and ice :happybounce:
Sentinel Pwnage - CHROME by RazzieMbessai
Sentinel Pwnage - CHROME
:iconmotherofgod-plz: If only you were there at BotCon 2015 when I spotted this magnificent firetrukk shining out like a traitory beacon across the Dealer's Hall, dazzling everyone with those mighty tinted boobies. Tinted absolute black, and yet still capable of chrome bashing every living thing within 9,005 miles :faint:

With infinite mullety brohugs to :iconha-heeprime: for shielding everyone's ears from the screaming >…
With infinite squealing fanboy gratitude to Gill Customs for summoning this handsome Rosenbauer into existence >… :love:

if you prefer your sentinels blue, heres a treat for you >… </sub? :giggle:
3D TFP Megatron progress by RazzieMbessai
3D TFP Megatron progress
*shakes off the dust, gets back to work on this fine robot*
I didn't forget about the Emperor of Destruction, I just didn't have time to update him :ashamed:

But fear not! Now I've recovered from the BotCon jetlag and I'm not at the gym any more I can get back to work on these half-built 3D robotses :eager:
:iconairguitarplz: The best parts of BotCon 2015 :iconairguitarplz:
:bulletyellow: While dressed as Sentinel Prime I noticed a human with a Leader Sentinel in his hands deciding whether or not to buy it. So I did what any of us would do - told him honestly, one firetrukk to another, that yes he really did need that toy in his life and he bought it :iconsentinelawesomeplz: 
:bulletgreen: Outside the Costume Panel on Saturday :iconscream01: appeared and asked if I would like to be on the panel, so I carefully explained that I was already waiting in line to get in. No Razzles, I mean on the official side of the table. And for all my orange-powered awesome I ended up featured in the "Kane County Chronicle" >… :iconlawooplz:
:bulletyellow: Spent 99% of the BotCon holiday trolling :iconmybumbee: and :icongail1: and :iconmari-chan: and :iconha-heeprime: into dust, except for the parts where I went Zombie Mode and just couldn't stay awake. The jetlag doesn't kill you immediately, it sort of lurks in your brain for a few days before it strikes :ashamed::noes:
:bulletgreen: Actually really truthfully did find the BotCon version (the Classic Seeker) repaint of Action Master Thundercracker while wandering round with him in my clutches. More than a few people got a giggle from the Transformer-that-doesn't in the stupid colours before he sailed back to :iconmari-chan:'s home planet :pills:
:bulletyellow: Thank you G*d the weather was overcast and rainy for most of the holiday so it wasn't stupidly hot. Heat (especially humidity like at San Diego) destroys me, so this year was much easier. I wasn't staying in the BotCon hotel this year, so I wouldn't have been able to slink back to my room to cool off! :sun:

The major downside to this year was the Registration cluster**** that seems to get worse every year. It would make more sense to confirm the date and location of the convention, then announce the events and guests later. That gives people a chance to book time off work / arrange their Summer holidays / budget for their journey even if they later decide not to go :idea:
not gonna lie i was honestly starting to panic with registration only being 14 days before I went

The late Registration and high costs for Dealers meant the main Hall wasn't so crowded this year, which was nice for moving around but it was obvious that attendance numbers (and sales) were down. This meant high prices for our beloved plastic crack, even on Sunday when sellers would traditionally haggle to avoid having to re-pack their leftover stock for the journey home :(

After some careful hunting I found Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus and resisted opening him in case I lost any pieces... but of course his fatass box wouldn't fit in the suitcase so I opened him anyway and had a go at fitting Tittimus Ambus in his che-

Perhaps next year I'll try a TFcon but it all depends on whether my bank account can take it :pray:

:heart: And before I go, infinite mullety brohugs and three crates of freshly-polished air guitars to British Airways and Chicago Airport for being extra-nice to an extra-broken Razzles upon arriving into the  USA. Let it be known that puking that hard is considered both rude and illegal on most civilised planets :heart:
  • Mood: Euphoric
  • Listening to: Dinobot Charge
  • Watching: the smoke rising from my jetlag capacitors
  • Playing: with Tittimus Ambus
  • Eating: everything that wanders too close


Razzie Mbessai
United Kingdom

:headbang: :iconairguitarplz: :headbang: :boogie: :headbang:

Current Residence: Jetfire's desk, Hasbro UK, Dirt Planet
Favourite genre of music: Ambient classical, action themes, spoofs
Favourite style of art: Think Simon Bisley, Dan Figueroa, ImagineFX

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wolf-knight-1 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
your going to AA this year right?
RazzieMbessai Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Yessir, I'm all booked! :boogie:
Sadly this is the last AutoAssembly, but here's hoping a new convention will take it over in future :eager:
wolf-knight-1 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
ok, I was just wondering if you were having issues with booking, were still waiting for the confirmation code to book rooms, I thinks due to eaither a system error, or they have alot of work, also, what you be dresses as a seaker? or beardie? I will be wereing ANOTHER kamen rider belt, and I will most likly be the ONLY person there with one, not many toku fans in the UK
RazzieMbessai Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I booked my hotel as soon as they were available because I had a NIGHTMARElast year going from the AutoAssembly hotel to my hotel in the centre of Birmingham :chainsaw:

The best thing to do is contact the hotel (to make sure you have your room booked) and the AutoAssembly staff(to make sure you have your ticket) :idea:

It's going to be Skywarp (black and purple Seeker) and Sentinel again this year, I can't wait :eager:
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Lord-Crios Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
RazzieMbessai Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015
Awesome! Thank you for sharing her through Extend3D :winner:
(but she is not my original character, she is part of Hasbro's new idea for girl robots :thumbsup: )
Lord-Crios Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, tell me more, so i can modify the description.
RazzieMbessai Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2015
A few years ago Hasbro allowed the Transformers fans to choose the design of a new toy. Several options were available so fans could vote for details such as faction, alt mode, and gender :nod:

After a few weeks the results were for a flying, Autobutt, red and black, female, jet Transformer called Windblade... so she was revealed at San Diego Comic Con in 2013. She has become a very popular character, especially now Hasbro includes many more female robots. She is also included in the new "Robots in Disguise" cartoon :popcorn:

Here is more information on the TFwiki site > :thumbsup:
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h-perales3 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015
ErinPrimette Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Since you did a fanart of Ultron, I made one myself: Ultron x Carol by ErinPrimette
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